Who are we?

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Cool Banana Wig

founded 2014, children's music, interactive live show

Our live concerts focus on kids coming up and joining the band, playing a variety of homemade or unusual instruments. We also offer an optional musical craft workshop during which kids can make and take home their own homemade instrument.

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Hillary Parker

vocals, interactivity

Hillary's main role in CBW is dancing in bubbles... her famous bubble wrap skirt, that is! She sings, dances, and plays, bringing up volunteers and setting them up with wacky homemade or unusual instruments. Having performed since she was 5, Hillary has co-founded a children's theatre troupe in college, been an honorary member of the Toe Jam Puppet Band, and was a long time performing member of the 2nd Story Theatre company. She currently works with children at Friends Academy.

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Mike Almond

percussive ironing board, vocals

Mike is IRONING BOARD MAAAAN!!!  Or just Mike. Mike is fine. He handles the percussion side of the band and has played drums for many years with many bands, however, this is his first ironing board band. Mike's ironing board has many percussive pieces on it like a washboard, a splash cymbal, cowbells, and a water bottle. 

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Ron Poitras

bass uke, instrument maker

Ron plays several roles in CBW; he plays ukulele bass to Tom's crazy songs, he is responsible for the audio production, and he helps make homemade instruments for the performances. Other music ventures include owning a recording studio and playing guitar for his daughter, singer/songwriter Kailey. But his greatest, most enjoyable role is grand parenting his little love, Isabel.

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Tom Poitras

vocals, ukulele, guitar, songwriter, instrument maker

Tom has 20 years experience in childrens' music as co-founder of the Toe Jam Puppet Band which he still performs in. Tom created CBW to be a fun, musically interactive experience, integrating children into a band setting, playing actual homemade instruments and performing with musicians. In addition to CBW, Tom is an active member of the Moldy Suitcases, Hula La, Hank & Tom, and The Walking Sticks.

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Chris Waters

vocals, interactivity

Chris is FUNKY! His interest in performing began at an early age while watching amazing magicians like David Copperfield and Doug Henning. He was also inspired by the legendary puppetry of Jim Henson. Today, he strives to bring that same kind of creative energy to every Cool Banana Wig performance!


Jessica Smith

musical crafter

Jessica has several non-performing roles for CBW. She manages their website, produces their music videos, and develops and leads their musical craft activities. She has over 40 years of crafting experience, both making and teaching. She has taught for the YMCA, the Westport Recreation Center, and the Children's Art Lab. She also ran the Southcoast Homeschoolers support group for 15 years, leading classes, clubs, and meetings. She now runs her own craft business, Tadfield Traditions.